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Who Is Money Methods?


Money Methods is an independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Amarillo, Texas.


For over 34 years, Money Methods has been helping families and small business owners of the Texas Panhandle and beyond retire with confidence.

Money Methods



Money Methods is locally owned and operated by Charlotte Adams, CFP® and Matt Adams, AIFA®. Charlotte and Matt assist families in implementing proven, unique retirement planning strategies designed to create abundance and financial peace of mind.  In addition to the traditional forms of planning that many advisors do, Charlotte and Matt bring a very unique approach to the table.  They look to see how much money is being lost each year, and projected to be lost in retirement to taxes.  They also focus on the specific steps needed in order to have a successful transition into retirement. This unique planning for families and small business owners is something that can create a significant impact financially for their clients.


When it comes to investment advice, Money Methods chooses to operate as a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, under a Fiduciary Standard of Care for its clients.  A fiduciary standard of care is the highest known to law, and separates Money Methods from many other "financial advisors".  


Money Methods offers investment solutions that are prudent and backed by over 60 years of award winning academic research in the field of finance.  They are committed to educating their clients on a variety of financial topics in their training center located in their office.


Please take time to explore the website, and don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Money Methods when you are ready for help.



In Amarillo!

As a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro, Money Methods is committed to helping individuals and families become financially strong through Dave Ramsey’s investing principles. Serving as SmartVestor Pros is a useful tool in reaching our mission of guiding and empowering you towards a strong financial future through common sense education and sound advice.

We strive to make you feel secure about financial planning and your financial future. We will work together to help you create a plan to reach your long-term financial goals.  


As SmartVestor Pros (SVP), we are part of a team of honest and caring investment professionals that follow Dave Ramsey's philosophies. We believe the best way to build wealth and prepare for the future is to eliminate debt and focus on long-term investment. We encourage our clients to be debt-free, barring their primary mortgage, and have an emergency fund before investing. 


We believe an honest and open approach is the best way to do business and connect with our clients.

Our focus as SVPs is to educate our clients so they are more confident in making financial decisions. With the heart of a teacher and the desire to help our clients reach their financial objectives, we will walk you through each step of the process and help you stick to your goals.


We are here to help you with any questions you have. We will cheer you on if you need that extra motivation to pay off debt. If education on how to reach your financial goals is what you are looking for, we will be there to coach you along the way. 

We are happy to meet for a free consultation to evaluate how best to help you reach your investment goals. We will guide you through the steps of sound investment principles as you walk your financial journey. Let us inspire you to achieve your dreams! 


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ACM Money Methods, Ltd. is registered as an investment advisor with the state of Texas.  If you do not reside within the state of Texas, please contact ACM Money Methods, Ltd. to determine if services are available to you. There are no guarantees that are expressed or implied.  All content is strictly for informational purposes only.  Much effort is made to verify the accuracy of any information given, but there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. This is not an offer of sale of securities.  All investing involves risks and costs.  Your coach can provide you with more information about the risks and costs associated with specific programs.  No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure peace of mind, assure profit, or protect against loss. To request a copy of ACM Money Methods, Ltd.'s privacy policy or ADV brochure, please contact Money Methods at 806-353-8782.

Dave Ramsey and The Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Pro program are not affiliated with ACM Money Methods, Ltd.