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We work with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life, but there are some characteristics they all have that attracted them to Money Methods.  There is also a common list of questions regarding their retirement they have.  Our process and services are designed to answer these questions.  If you find that you identify with these characteristics, and find yourself asking any of these questions, it would likely be worth your time to contact us for a consultation.

Who Are Our Clients?

Do You Have These Characteristics?


  • Desire to work with someone required to put your best interest first

  • Desire to receive objective advice 

  • Desire to work with a experienced advisor

  • Belief there is no crystal ball and no way to consistently predict market moves

  • Desire to learn

  • Willingness to make a change

  • Coachable and teachable

  • Kind and respectful 

  • Enjoys a relaxed environment

Do You Need Answers To Any Of These Questions?

  • When can I retire?

  • Can I afford to retire?

  • What will my income be?

  • Am I in danger of outliving my retirement savings?

  • Have I addressed all the risks that could negatively impact my retirement? 

  • Where should I take my income from?

  • Should I roll over my 401-K?

  • How should my retirement savings be invested?

  • When should I take my Social Security?

  • What should I do about healthcare coverage during retirement?

  • Are there any changes I should make right now with my retirement plan and accounts?

  • How is the best way to invest and grow wealth for the future?

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